Contractor Protection Plan

Contractor Protection Plan

Your state of principal operations could require you to purchase statutory Workers Compensation; or Landstar may accept the Contractor Protection Plan (CPP), an occupational accident policy by Zurich American Insurance Company.

We recognize that it can be difficult for you to secure Workers Compensation coverage. That's why Gallagher Transportation Services; Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. offers the CPP to all eligible Landstar contractors. Gallagher has designed the CPP coverage to assist you and your family in the event you are injured as a result of an occupational accident. The program also extends some coverage for non-occupational injuries. Please take a moment to read the Gallagher CPP summary below.

While CPP is NOT statutory Workers Compensation, it does afford you a number of benefits that are similar to those available to you through statutory Workers Compensation coverage. Should you or your survivors elect to apply for any payments through statutory Workers' Compensation, the CPP benefits are forfeited and automatically assigned to the payor of Workers Compensation payments.

Evidence of Coverage

If you participate in CPP, Gallagher will forward evidence of coverage to Landstar on your behalf. If you don't participate in CPP, you are required to have on file with Landstar a certificate of insurance for statutory Workers' Compensation, or , when allowed by law, an occupational accident coverage certificate; your insurance agent should provide this information. Until Landstar's receipt of acceptable proof of coverage, your participation in CPP will continue. Otherwise, you will be in violation of your Independent Contractor Operating Agreement (ICOA). Upon receipt of proof of acceptable coverage as an alternative to CPP, you may be entitled to a refund or credit of some CPP insurance costs previously paid.

Please call the Gallagher Insurance Coordinator if you need assistance in securing the proper evidence of coverage from your agent.